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    May 4, 2006
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    Been really busy with work. Still have not had a chance to work with all the summer vacation pics we took. I did get a chance to drop off some color 35mm pics to a local Kodak drop box. I left 24 rolls of film to be processed and printed. I thought I was doing good. Finally getting some of the pics back.

    They ruined 12 of the 24 rolls. They cut the negatives wrong on 10 of the rolls (and then printed them, black lines in the middle of the prints). And 2 rolls they said the film was severely over exposed. Its not hard to tell when roll was exposed to daylight after it was removed from the container. The end that is taped to the spool never sees light. Even if your camera leaks light. Well on both rolls the negative is clear the entire length. I don't know what went on. But I was very dissapointed.

    Fortunately I did not send all my film. I still have my slide film which I always do myself. And MF film and digital I took. Just going to have to find the time to get to them.


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