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Oct 20, 2008
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So, i have been with my Nikon D40 for 2 years now, and i feel its time to say goodbye. I have been looking at a few different "intermediate" or "semi-pro" cameras and am just so confused on which direction to take.

My main concern with my current D40 is lenses. I want a camera with a built in focus motor so i dont have to buy crazy expensive lenses with AF motors in them. I want more features than my D40 has, movie recording, live view would be nice and I definitely need/want to have self-cleaning sensors. I had some pretty stubborn dust stick to my D40 sensor in the past, and its a pain!!!

I have been looking at the Nikon D90, Canon 50D, Pentax Kx or K7, Sony models and Panasonic LUMIX (4/3 or micro 4/3) models.

Most people i know, in fact, all people I know always stick with Canon or Nikon. Sure, these are great camera brands, but i feel like i should broaden my range and try to take on a less popular brand, because i know Pentax and Panasonic develop great cameras.

My budget is from $500-$900, i don't want to go over $1,000.

I would love if some of you can come up with a list of a few models i should go and look at in the store. Much appreciated!
It would probably be a good idea to stay with a compatible camera (Nikon), so that you can at least keep the lens/lenses you have now.
Best option since you already have Nikon is the D90 body used. If not you can buy a new body and use the lens you have now. The D90 replacement will be more expensive and I really don't know any other Nikon out there is best fitted for you around your price range with built in body. Canon 50D doesn't have video recording. Sony and Panasonic, I don't know if that's a direction you should be heading. D90 will keep you satisfy for a few more years.
pentax k-7 or k-x dont have built in body AF? why dont you think sony/panasonic is the direction i should be heading? and i only have 2 lenses that i purchased for my d40, so im not worried about that, as well i am also just giving my camera to my wife.
I would stick with nikon and go with the d90 if i were you.

Your allready fimilar with nikons style of layout of things as well as all the menu's and such. case you need them you will have backup lens from your wife should you need it.

Get the d90 along with a nicer lens
nikon d3100 coming out soon! 1080p with alleged autofocus. Oh yeah, AF-S, tho...
Umm, won't work, the d3100 doesn't have an internal focusing motor. Not much of an upgrade.
I'd say your best bet is the D90 also. Use the lenses and familiarity of the nikon cameras and you'll find it a better upgrade. Video on an SLR for me still is a gimmick, buy these for photos, not so much video.
wow alot of D90 be honest, i really was leaning towards the Pentax (either K7 or Kx). i still have some time to research, however.

aren't lenses/accessories for Nikon much more expensive than those for Pentax? (Ex: external flashes, lenses, etc.) The Nikon SB600 flash is over $200 i believe!?
I think you will have much more flexibility with Nikon (or Canon) as there are many more accessories for these two brands. Not only that but since there are so many people who own these cameras, that its much easier to get answers to whatever questions you might have.

Still, considering you already own at least one Nikon lens, I would stick with the d90.
Umm, won't work, the d3100 doesn't have an internal focusing motor. Not much of an upgrade.

Yeah, kind of a D40 on roids

The sensor alone is a big upgrade, I think people make to big of a deal out of the internal motor honestly.

You might want to wait a bit if you are going to go for the D90, there have been rumors of its successor flying around lately. It is supposedly going to be announced September 15th.
Well there are a couple of lenses that I'd love to get, but my camera doesn't have a focusing motor and the AF-S versions are way more expensive, so I do think an internal motor is important.

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