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Aug 26, 2010
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1st attempt to photograph a baby.... and, I have to tell you, it is work sometimes to get a 3 month old to smile!

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You aren't a fan of blurred vignette, but just curious, doesn't it work in this case? I mean to soften the photo..... being that it is a baby, it seems that it adds something to the photo to make it look soft. I alo trying to draw the eye to focus on the smile and the eyes. I mean I am just wondering.... what does everyone think? Any comments?
i think if anything it makes the image look too over processed. Its easy enough to tell its not natural DOF. Personally, its a great image very nice and the focus is right on the eyes.
yeah, I think the image is cute, though the eyeballs are a bit blue so, it may be a white balance issue. I too don't like the blurred vignette, and definitely don't like the pink and white border.
yeah the blurred vignette doesn't do it for me but the border doesn't bother me so much. A little softer effect on the image itself through PPing would help but love the shot still. Eyes are focused sharply and the baby is cute, which helps :lol:
I think the blurred vignette is compensating for an otherwise harsh image.

The colors are rough... different patterns and color swatches on clothing and the blanket, blotchy skin on the kid, and it LOOKS like you popped a flash? Some sort of slightly harsh light ... I can see in the eyes, reflections on the nose, etc.

If you're going for soft, you want softer light to begin with... less in your face colors, etc.

May want to airbrush a little to compensate for the skin too, though a softer light should reduce that problem.
I am going to throw one out there against some of the current.

I absolutely love this one. I hate blurred vignette and frames, or most any for that matter unless the photo really calls for it (vignette). Here, i think it is among the rare, good and justified. Simply put, ...........the baby is absolutely adorable. I second omitting the pink border, would like to see it without it to form a solid opinion about it.

(Edited: I agree with the strong flash comments above)
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2. Here is the photo with the eyes fixed.

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Let me be a bit more direct.

The problems with this image have absolutely nothing to do with your treatment of the image and everything to do with the subject as it was setup originally. This image is about as good as it is going to get as it stands, and that is "a fine snapshot of the kid".
When i look at this, I keep wanting to turn my head - If you shot this so the baby was diagonal in the frame I think it would be a pretty nice photo.
Thank you so much for the input. The comments have helped me and I am going to put it to practice. I am determined to understand good photography and not so good. Thanks again everyone.

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