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Jan 18, 2014
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This is the before:

This is after:


All comments are welcome.

Please feel free to post up your own edits if you wish.

What do you want us to critique? See "Posting to the C&C Gallery". Aside from cropping out the red thing on the left I don't see a significant difference.
Yes, we opened this forum after much discussion and input from members. This forum has different criteria than posting to the General Gallery section. Please read this post.

I like the scene, but the tree in the middle blocks the curve of the trail and the railing. I added contrast, warmth and a fall Nik collection filter. Took the center tree out.


2. Same adjustments in v1 but keeping the tree and adding a subject
Minimum basic information required to give useful feedback is as follows.

Basic camera settings.
What are you specifically looking to improve?

Without at least this basic information, I could literally write a 5 page critique on almost any image (including my own).

This section is for those that really wish to improve.
Those that do wish to improve will put in the effort to read the requirements for the section and abide by those rules. Otherwise it's just a lazy CC welcome.

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Hi all,

I did a slight colour change in the edit and was hoping someone would suggest a different way of editing.

I am interested in different opinions on post processing. CherylL showed a couple of options that are interesting.

In future I will post all the EXIF data and a summary of the circumstances.


I think the second picture is better because I don't understand what the red thing is and why it's there. It doesn't add anything to the picture. The out-of-focus tree trunk on the right isn't necessary I don't think. I'd crop it out. What is that thing sticking up out of the ground to the right of the tree in the middle? It looks weird.

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