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  2. 407370

    Sunflower HDR

    I am getting obsessed with sunflowers. This is the latest in a long line of attempts to get a desktop wallpaper from my garden. Comments always welcome. CHEERS
  3. M

    What do you think of this photo guys ? Thank you in advance.

    The Hills of Plovdiv, Bulgaria / Clickasnap Link removed. Please embed photos instead of posting links if you would like feedback.
  4. _Tobias

    A view of the sky - cloud timelapse

    Hello Community, during the Corona period, I discovered timelapse photography for myself and was able to capture a sunset and some beautiful clouds. Just take a look.
  5. V


    Shot with a Nikon Z7 and the Z 24-70 lens. Natural outdoor light. Processed in LrC and PS. Texture added using PS layers.
  6. T

    Pamlico Sound Sunset

    OBX sound side near Frisco. Posted this same pic like several years ago but I spruced it up with some auto-levels and it looks much better than the old post. Thought it was worth reposting. Cannon Powershot A620
  7. Yug

    Landscape for review

    Hello everyone; I'm an intermediate photographer trying to learn everyday :). I request excerpts critic on this photo. This was shot during summer morning with a very pleasant weather. To me - Some portion of the photo missing details Post processing could have been better Looking forward...
  8. M

    Bird's in the Park

    Any CC welcomed, Taken with a Chinon 55mm Vintage lens.
  9. primefactor123

    This is one of my all time faves.

  10. Bryan Pereira

    My Photo Safari Website

    Hi I just won photo of the year 2019 so thought i would share one of my professional websites for you to see more of my work and what I enjoy doing. Hope you like it! Exposure Tours - Photo Safaris and Workshops Bryan
  11. Bryan Pereira

    Elephants in Monochrome

    For me Elephants make the perfect monochrome subject. The texture of their skin the color almost a perfect 18% grey. Cropped this to square to put more emphasis on the the young one. Nikon D850 280mm f4 1/640 iso 2500
  12. scott.craig


    I made this exposure on my second visit to this location. Having been familiar from my first visit I decided to immerse myself in the rock pools below the waterfall to create this image with a perspective of looking up and towards the start of the waterfall. After multiple bites from the...
  13. D7K

    Musala - The King of the Balkan Peninsula

    Few weeks ago we headed out to climb Musala, The highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula; 2925m. Of course the camera came with me.

    Fresh Blood

    Hi you guys, Just a quick message to say hi! I'm a UK based landscape photographer, with a special interest in dramatic seascapes. I've been "snap happy" for as long as I can remember, but it's only been a few short years that I've actually taken this hobby a little more seriously. I'm self...
  15. marilyn2359

    Bumblebee on a Lilac

  16. D7K

    Weekend and Waterfalls

    I love the spring and I love travelling around to the many different waterfalls we have here. Sorry I've not been around or posting for a while but between work, sleep and shooting I've not had much time to edit and catch up with things here. I picked up a NiSi HUC IR ND64+CPL so been having...
  17. D7K

    Krushuna Waterfall (One of them anyway)

    So I was revisiting some of the first shots I took with the D850 and decided to re-edit a couple more in line with my current editing style.. I can't really decided which crop of this shot I prefer, what do you prefer? Any other C&C welcomed as always, And yes, it's a shame about the...
  18. W

    What camera would be best?

    Hello guys, firstly sorry for my english.So, im thinking of buying something better than my two years old D3200.Adepts are : Canon 77D(500€) Nikon D5600(430€) or Nikon D7200 from second hand (+-550€) (only bodies) I'd like to photograph most often nature and some wildlife.What do you think is...
  19. D7K

    Lightning over Warsaw

    This is the first time I'd actually attempted to capture lightning and I was pleased with the results, the only thing is I wished my balcony and the lightning were over some other part of the city, you can't win them all.. All shot on the D850 with the 24-70 2.8, All 3 have different shutter...
  20. M

    Warm Colors on Cold River (Berkshires Fall Colors)

    This is Cold River, an offshoot of the bigger Deerfield River near Charlemont, in the Berkshires. Right by the Mohawk Trail campground, and the trailheads of a few trails that we hiked. Warm Colors on Cold River