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Sep 11, 2006
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Belfast Ireland, just off the cavehill
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Hello everyone.Its been a while scince Ive been in here but I want to get back into the forum so I think its about time I posted a few shots.Here is two edits of the belfast castle.I had near perfect conditions and it is such a beautiful place.What do you think of the shots? All C&C welcome


I remember you. Good to see you post. Fine shots of a fine building. You use photoshop? These look like they could use a little distortion correction. There's plenty of room on the sides to bring them up.
Oh, good to see Belfast Castle. I know I've been there once, but don't remember when, nor do I remember overly much of it. I hope I'll get to see it in August.

When I do wide-angle photos, also I usually get a lot of distortion, any my ancient Photoshop does not offer me any means to correct the sides. So - like in the old days - I just have to live with it. Would your PS help you straighten the sides, Chris?

As to the two versions, I think I like the colour one because of the greens (;) :mrgreen: ). And I like the castle as much. Come to think of it, I might have a photo of those spiralled stairs somewhere ... or was it my sister who had such photo? :scratch: ... sorry. No longer remember.
Its good to be posting again abraxas. I use cs4 but Ive never used distortion correction on it ill give it ago thanks.

Hi Lafoto.We will go there in august then and if you feel up tp it we will go up the paths to the top of the cave hill and see the caves and napolians nose.
Thanks for the comments.
Nice shots. I prefer the black and white, but that's just my bias.
I prefer the colour. It has a richness that b/w misses.
Thanks for the comments fox paw and leighthal.
I also preffer the colour one but forevery colour shot I take,I also create a B&W vervion for comparison. Sometimes you just get lucky and get a smashing B&W while the colour version is not so good,and vise versa. lol Thanks again
That's a cool strategy, Chris!
But then I am just converting my holiday pics into jpegs as we speak (well, my computer does that for me :D), and there's more than 1000 pics ... I'd be working on them until Christmas if I wanted to create a "test-BW" from each and every one of them :shock: --- but with some I will try! I knew I would try that even when I took the photo.

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