Benefits of not smoking...


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Aug 10, 2005
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-I smell better - Ladies love bace that smells good (Right now it's Herbal Essence body wash...mmmm)
-My apartment smells better....when it's clean.
-I can smell when my apartment isn't clean
-I saved enough to get new stuff for my camera, and buy drinks for girls at the bar. Girls that don't smoke!
-When asked "Wanna go for a smoke?" I can look friends and enemies alike right in the eye and say..."I don't smoke you a$$hole!!".
-There is now room in my put my hands!
-Now that the summer is coming, I can do physical activities (including sex) and not feel like i've been punched in the chest by Mike Tyson after.
-I can now officially be that annoying bastard who scorns smokers with lines like "I don't care if you kill yourself, but stop trying to kill me too! *cough* *cough*"

...I'll add more when they come to me.

Feel free of coarse to add your own.

-you don't make the non-smokers around you stink either! :cheer: (I HATE how my clothes sometimes smell after I come home from work sometimes...I'm the ONLY ONE who doesn't smoke there)
I hate smoking..I tried once but I don't wanna try anymore..
The smells last long in my fingers..yuck!
magicmonkey said:
!!WHINGE!! grrrr! damned non smokers on their high horses !!WHINGE!!

My friend is waiting to be treated for thyroid cancer right now.

She's actually waiting longer because they have to put smokers in priority, due to the fact that their smoking increases the rate at which the cancer will grow.

Smokers...who are making their cancer worse, are being treated BEFORE non smokers.

Right now, there's nothing you can say to make me feel like I'm not on a high horse.

Effing Smokers.
No...he's a non smoker....but he didn't even wake up...just moved and fell straight back asleep on my pillow......BUT I WANT TO GO TO BED. Stupid dog. the hope that Vicky will see that post, she'll get all upset and get homesick....MWHA MWHA MWHA...Sooty doesn't love you
That's mean man. You're sitting on Meysha's dog and bragging about it.

It's my dog....

meanwhile she did that whole..."let's move away from our freaky parents..." damn her!
Why didn't you go with her?

Or was it really "Let's move away from my freak parents and annoying twit of a sister..."

nah...why would vicky move away from me...after a year in isolation in friends became her friends, she had nothin' (really she'd come home " OH KATHI I SAW BEN TODAY...I WAVED!!!!!!!! AND THEN HE GAVE ME A FUNNY LOOK AND THEN I SAW KIM...AND I WAVED AT HIM TOO!!!")
You are heartless.

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