Bern Street Photography

Did you go get that "Free Huge" ? ;)
I like that last one the best.
I hope you don't mind my doing this:

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 11.52.51 AM.png
I don't, but I don't understand ;)
I don't, but I don't understand ;)
I just saw another composition in there is all. Nothing more than that.

For me to comment on individual photographs when you have posted so many it would certainly help if you numbered them.

So for me, I like #4 quite a lot, and I would have liked a long street shot without any trolleys in the shot.

As I'm sure you will find out soon enough that almost everyone here has their own idea of how they would shoot a scene, but please do not allow that to influence the way you wish to make your own photographs.
Thx for the tips ;)

I like the color ones. Agree with Designer that number 3 offers some nice crop options.
I have all of them in both color and black and white ;)

Cheers ;)

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