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Jan 8, 2008
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I got the g9 and want to mainly use it as a daily, shoot-whatever-see camera. i sometimes use google's picassa, because i find it easy to use. is this sufficient? should I be using the canon supplied software? I'm not shooting in RAW yet.. thanks in advance
What kind of software do you need? For image management and some processing of JPEGs Picasa is a best choise, especially for beginner.
If you want something else, read this review.
For most advanced image processing you may begin from Gimpshop. This is a free (and multiplatform!) image editor with Photoshop-like user interface.
You really want to start shooting in raw, gives much more opportunities for postprocessing. The canon software is pretty good if you dont feel like investing in a program, havent tried gimpshop myself(I use photoshop)

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