Best places to set up for night city shots?


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Feb 23, 2009
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How do y'all get high enough to get these amazing night time city shots? I live in the Dallas/Forth Worth area (so no mountains or even high hills to be able to look down on the city from). The best place I can imagine to get up high would be interstate overpasses (have lots of those) however, you would literally be taking your life in your hands to do so (so little room-almost guaranteed to get hit and killed). Sooo not willing to go that route. What places have worked for you?
I know what you mean by interstate overpasses.. They would be so nice to use, but too dangerous to even strongly consider. What about the top of a parking garage? I planning on going to different parking garages around our downtown area and seeing what it looks like.
Parking garages sound like that would work great! Thank you for the idea!

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