best time of day to shoot people outdoors?


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Jun 27, 2003
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i got this project coming up next week to shoot this guy ... i would like to shoot him outdoors and i will have reflectors (gold/silver) ... i want to shoot him around 6pm when its not too sunny outside ... is this a good idea? ... in your opinion, whats the best time to shoot people outdoors? .... here's a photo he sent me

6 pm is near perfect. as the saying goes, 'a good photographer (that shoots outdoors) will often miss breakfast and dinner.' early morning and early evening light is diffused wonderfully. depending on the day, you could probably afford to push that a little to 6:30, but that's splitting hairs.
... it if would be .. i just admitted guilt :lol:
I hereby sentence you to shoot one million fantastic pictures

every bad photo will increase your punishment with 10%

i got another question too ... i got this rock band (small time band, not "big top" ) who are interested in working with me for promo shots ... i know i should get some group shots, but do u think i should shoot them individually as well?

its at their own risk, i told them i was an amateur :lol:

*i put an ad in an online paper* :lol:
guess im really nervous :shock: ... i've never done group shots before and i dont even know if they would be good enough to use for promo
*biting nails*
are u charging them money for it?

if so, how much?

I've been thinking about this too..
no, im not charging them for it, nor paying them ... their getting free 8x10's and im getting more work experience .... i need to expand my portfolio ... once it gets to where i want it to be and more versatility ... then i charge them :D

but i would love to do CD covers :D ... that would be great!!!!

this is the email the guy from the band sent to me:

We have played in and around the city for years and are just coming out with our 2nd full length album, I think we would be a great match. We are about to distribute the CD and need 8'X10's to include. We are in our late 20's and early 30's, live in and around greenpoint/williamsburg, have a beautiful studio (but as you said another environment is always better) and are serious about our music (but nothing else!) Hope we can work together. Email me back if interested.

i had a lady email me, this is what she said:

I acutally just got a modeling contract, but they're making me do all those clean cut shoots for my modeling card. I had been wanting to put together a modeling portfolio that showed how versatile I can be in terms of style. I looked at your site, and I really liked the people section. Just one question, though - take, for example, the picture you did of the redhead with the dramatic makeup. Did you do the makeup, or did she?

Hope to hear from you soon

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