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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by Rob A, Jan 2, 2005.

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    Dec 28, 2004
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    North Wales
    hey guys, was jsut wandering what the best type of film is good for B&W landscapes etc... at the moment i am using 400 but i was wandering if i should go lower towards 100 or higher?

    thanks :wink:

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    Aug 29, 2004
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    Caution: Contents Under Pressure
    What are you looking to do with the final results? If you're looking to make enlargements, the slower the film, the better the end result. But that depends on the size of the enlargement. There is no best film for anything. Are you happy with the 400? Do you have any complaints? Maybe list somethings you don't like with the 400 or somethings you find you cannot do with it. That would help you get more specific advice.
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    the best film ive ever used for BandW landscapes was ilford pan f...its a 50 iso speed film, so bring your tripod.

    its AWESOME. just try it.

  4. Jamie R

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    Oct 17, 2004
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    Most landscape photographers don't use ISO 400 film. The exception would be chromogenic C41 black and white type films, since these are very fine grained when exposed well. What do you want to show with your images? How large? How detailed?

    If you're doing landscape work, then be prepared to bring a tripod. That means you can shoot ISO 25, 50, 100 film and work out what you like best. If you're shooting ISO 400, you won't get the detail of the tones and textures recorded as vividly as with ISO 50 film. Many photographers do do this (in the UK where the weather's great for ISO 400 film!).

    Here's a selection of what's popular with landscape artists (BW) nowadays. It has changed a bit from say, 10 years ago I presume you're using 35mm format.

    Easy to find:

    fine grain:

    - Ilford Pan F+ ISO 50
    - Ilford Delta 100
    - Fuji Acros 100
    - Arista 100
    - Agfa APX 100
    - Kodak TMax
    - Lucky! film

    medium grain:

    Ilford FP4+ ISO 125
    Kodak Plus X ISO 125

    and slide film:

    - Agfa Scala

    Harder to find:

    - Efke 25
    - Maco UP 25
    - Maco Orthochromatic 25
    - Kodak Technical Pan (25)
    - Agfa APX 25
    - Efke 50

    And specialist film:

    Kodak HIE infrared
    Konica IR750
    Maco 750, 820, 850aura or c versions

    I'd recommend starting from the top and working your way down to the bottom. The film types get harder to work with as you go down the categories. You could try it the other way wrong and post some results here......

    Learn how to use contrast filters (yellow, green, orange and red) to squeeze out the most from whatever emulsion you have.

    Good luck.

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