Best Way to Upload Photos to 'thephotofoum'?


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Jan 19, 2012
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Sydney, Australia
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Hi im a newbie!

I would love to know the best way to upload photos into a a new thread where there isn't a huge loss of quality but is still easy to upload? is it Flickr?? or is it Photobucket??? or uploading them straight through thephotoforum??...

And whats the best way to compress photos so that they can be uploaded to the site.

(ps im a battler when comes to compressing/uploading photos so if you could write your response as if you were doing it for a chapter in 'how to upload/compress photos for dummies/noobs)

Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks in advance

Extra information

The photos are only about 4.6MB average and are currently in iphoto which is about my limit for knowing what to do next ahahha
And if their are any other Colts fans on the forum, my thoughts are with you :(
Directly from your own computer. All we have to do after that is get folks to click on the image. When they see high resolution photos, hopefully they will jump on board.

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