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Nov 15, 2007
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Ok so i bought a rebel xti about a year ago and i had bought another lens since then off my aunt. But i would like to buy a few more things like a canon speedlight 540 (i think thats the one) ex flash and some filters and maybe another lense (wide angle and fisheye). Ushaly everything i get into i buy all the stuff from local stores. But i havnt found a photogrophy store around me with a resonable distance. So the kind of website im looking for is not for just cheap prices but a company that if i ever call them with questions or if i ever have a problem with the product ill have someone who could actualy help me. So if anyone could steer me in the best direction for that, that would be great.

^^agreed. All my serious on-line photo purchases have been through them.

Logon to TPF first and use the link in the upper right if you do on-line with them. Crumbs of the pie for TPF so to speak.
B&H Adorama they sponsor TPF but I actually got my camera off of beach camera. It was fast shipping and I got a free 2 gig card. I was pleased.

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