Bevrijdingspop Haarlem (NL)

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    Bevrijdingspop, or Liberation Rock in English, is a large (100.000 people) free rock festival in my former home town Haarlem. It is held at May 5, the date of the Dutch liberation in 1945. It used to be the day of the year to me in a city where nothing ever happened when I was 16.

    I hadn't been there in years because I moved out of the town and somehow got less interested in festivals anyway.
    However, we were in town today so we decided to visit the festival for an hour or so. The bands sucked as hard as ever, and I never went there for the bands anyway. I used to go for the mood and the beer and the people, so I took a couple of shots of the crowd. I felt old today at 36...

    1 I like the depth in this one.

    2 More crowd shot from the hip.

    3 He! That's my little brother!


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