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    Fascinating subject that does not get discussed much.

    How do you bid in respect to image rights and usage? Is editorial different from advertising bids? Do you work with clients or do you have a set fee? Tell us everything.

    Personally I have a handful of clients that keep me busy. I bill them and there is no problem. I think that is why I am insecure about bids. One part of me says fight for new clients. The other part says make them pay dearly because I am way too busy.

    My current formula is editorial mag work pays a lot of money. Advertising gets the standard fee with bulk shot discounts. In both cases the client retains the rights to the images. I charge them for it and it is a lot easier then arguing about it further down the road. I also ask politely to use the shots for promotional purposes

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    Clients believe, understandably, that they have rights to the images for which they paid. I used to explain to clients that we both had rights to the images. Never had a problem with that. It seems like a fair way to do it.

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