Binghamton Inebriate Asylum


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Dec 31, 2008
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Binghamton, NY
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At the request of sstinner here is a little bit about the Binghamton Inebriate Asylum.

The Asylum was the first of its kind in the US and was designed by Architect Issac Perry. It was built to treat the mental sickness alcoholism. The building was completed in 1864 and closed in 1993. It is know as the "Castle on the Hill" as it sits atop a hill that over looks the City of Binghamton. More info and pictures can be seen here There are some amazing pictures of the interior on this site.

As for picture that I have taken there. The main building. This was one of many buildings on the property. There are many others still standing this is the largest of them all. A new modern facility has been built on the property as well.


There is a cemetery on the property where they buried patients at one time. The cemetery had to be moved due to the construction of Interstate 81. Some of the original cemetery is still in place. The headstones are nothing more than a metal cross or t or a small marble block with a number no names no dates just a number. You can read more about it here. Binghamton Inebriate Asylum




Some creepy stained glass window. They choose the eye as a way of intimidating the patients as it made them feel as though they were being watched over.


The view from in front of the Asylum

Wow-that's an amazing place with an amazing bunch of stories that could be told.. Wouldn't I love to sit down with one of the former employees..

Thanks for the post.
Wow, must be great for Urbexing.
Yeah I need to spend some more time up there with my camera. The cemetery was tough to find as it is all on posted property and tucked back in a wooded area. It was kinda creepy there too. I found a deers front hoof from the knee down lying in the field. No other remains just the hoof.
Lol, it is common knowledge that zombie alcoholics only eat deer parts above the hoof and knee, so watch yourself.
Lol, it is common knowledge that zombie alcoholics only eat deer parts above the hoof and knee, so watch yourself.


Seriously though, your first and last pics are great. Your last pic looks a bit underexposed. Should be able to fix that with a levels adjustment I would think.

What an interesting place!

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