Bird pictures in my backyard

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by smooner, May 15, 2009.

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    I will be taking shots of birds thoughout the day in my backyard and I have a couple of questions. These birds will be perched on the birdfeeders, ground on a fence. It is SoCal so the sun will be out.

    Using Sony A200 with 300mm lens. Background is a hill with some green and some brown. A tree will be present.

    1. Should I use my polarizer filter?
    2. To blur the backgroup I should use Aperture mode with wider aperture. What are the drawbacks to a wide aperture?
    3. If I want motion I should decrease the shutter speed. Make it slower, right?
    4. Any reason to bump up ISO? Is 100 or 200 good enough?
    5. Rule of thirds. How will I use this? I want the birds and not much background so should I frame the birds in the center?

    Any other hints on taking pictures of birds will be helpful.

    Thank you


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    1. Cant see why you would want to use one with the background you describe.

    2. Yes. and the drawback will be letting more light into the lense but shouldnt be a problem

    3. Yes But now you might have to adjust because your going with a wide aperature and decreased shutter wich allows a ton of light in the lens

    4. with those setting you mention above DO NOT bump up the ISO lol.

    5. be creative.

    Your going to have to compensate some here and play around with your settings. If you dont I can see over exposure and blown out skys in your pics

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