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Mar 4, 2005
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Hoorn, The Netherlands
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I didnt feel like doing alot today. So just set up my tripod, sat down and waited. And every now and then some birds would come fly in to eat some seeds and stuff.....and i would try and take some pics.
Here are the results:







Thanks for looking
Greetz Daan
Really Great! shots,

Starlings can be allot of fun as pets, I've heard a few speaking also.

That 3rd photo looks like that bird (grackle/crow) has an eye injury or somthing, poor thing.

I never seen that blue and yellow bird, is it jay related?
thanks for the comment

dont know what was wrong with the Jackdaw. But i think it was blind on that side. When i fired the flash it didnt even react. But he did look good, so i guess he's all good :)
The blue and yellow bird is a Blue tit. I dont think they are related to jays though.
Never heard about starlings being pets. They are beautiful birds though, when they are sitting in the sun they got some amazing colors.
i like the first and the last the best. great job
Great set! May I ask what Lens you were using?

Yes, please tell us what lens you were using.

I'd love to take bird shots as good as you, but I can never get close enough.

I'm gonna start saving for a 200-400mm f/4 Nikon VR lens someday...that'll take a year or two to save up for though HAHA.
Thanks for the comments everyone :)
Here is how i shot these: first of all, a tripod. I really need this, cause the shutterspeeds were as long as 1/100 and thats not a great speed with a 300mm lens. Then the sigma 70-300mm 4-5.6 APO 1:2 macro. Also used the Speedlite 430EX, with a difuser on it. It was in a 45 degree angle. I was shooting from inside the house, so there was glass between me and the birds. So i needed to put the camera as close to the glass as i could, else i would have gotten some glare from the flash on my pics. The birds were about 2 meters (6feet) away from me. Shot with F5.6 and an ISOof 400.
And #6 was a fat pigeon, i bet he will survive winter. Especially the Dutch winters.
great shots as always

loving the 1st Blue Tit shot

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