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Birds, birds and more birds

Yes definatly the one, the close crop is great, combinde with the spiralling neck the colour of the beak and the feathers at the bottom the compasition really makes it. Great stuff.


Those pictures are fastastic, I am just getting into bird photography and full of questions. Forums have helped me a lot. My wife and I visit Canada several times a year, more if we could afford the trips. Will you tell me where you took those pictures? We stay in the Rideau Area between Smiths Falls and Perth. I am looking for a good birding areas.

Thanks and I enjoy your work.\\\

Richard & Linda Clemens [email protected]
Love your shots. Will weigh in with the snow goose, but I also really like the first swan shot, the third last shot (a juvenile bird?) and the last shot. As always, I look forward to more postings from you.

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