Black and White in Spirit


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Jan 30, 2022
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Oneonta, NY
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This is a full color photo with minimal post photo editing. I was drawn to this as the scene was black and white in spirit. It is my photo of a sculpture commemorating an actual 1897 photograph of the workers who built this lock on the Erie Canal in NY. I felt it captured the B/W spirit of the subject. I left the small items in yellow and green at the bottom of the shot to keep it as an authentic photo of our time.
I apologize if this "color" photo is not appropriate for this gallery.
I agree with Jeff, very interesting shot of a memorial.
For anyone interested, here is the original 1897 photograph. As you can see, the installation is not finished with more figures of workers in the works.
You made a very nice shot of this unique sculpture. I like your editing decision. The sculpture itself is such a lovely idea - I've never heard of anything done like this.

So happy you shared the original photo that the sculpture is celebrating, too. Really cool!

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