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Jan 5, 2008
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I have a black speck on the viewfinder of my camera and can't get it out. I tried a microfiber cloth and had no luck. Should I try spraying compressed air in there? I know it is bad to spray compressed air into the camera itself but is it okay on the viewfinder? This speck is really annoying me especially since I've only had the camera for two days. Thanks.
It's probably just some dust or something on the mirror. It won't show on your pictures, so it's not really a big deal - but it can get annoying...

You might be able to wipe off the mirror with a q-tip or something, but be careful (I wouldn't use it on the sensor, but it should be OK on the mirror - just be careful).
I cleaned the viewfinder with a q-tip and it didn't do anything. I am thinking it might be on the sensor, I don't know. How do I get rid of this? It doesn't appear on the image which is okay I guess, but its still really annoying.

I cleaned the mirror with a q tip and it didn't do anything but get little hairs all over it that I cant get out now... help?
I got the speck on my mirror to move, so I know it isnt a scratch or anything which is a relief. How do I get the stuff off? PLEASE help!
I cleaned the mirror with a q tip and it didn't do anything but get little hairs all over it that I cant get out now... help?
...Maybe the q-tip isn't such a good idea, I didn't think it would leave that much behind.

If it was on the sensor you would not be able to see it in the viewfinder, plus it would show in the image. It is on the mirror for sure.

When you say compressed air do you mean like in a can that you buy for keyboards & stuff like that, or are you talking about an air compressor in your garage? If it's the can it's probably OK to blow the mirror off with it, test it on some paper first to make sure it's not going to get anything other than air onto the mirror. (If there's any moisture in the air it will show on the paper.) If it's an air compressor, don't get it anywhere near your That's probably anywhere from 90-120 psi, there's no way that's going to be good for the camera.

If you have some sort of blower that doesn't compress the air that would be ideal. There are many to choose from. I use a large (about 1" diameter) syringe because it was free and it works good.

Don't do anything that might cause damage to the mirror. Blowing it off will probably get most of that out of there. Just hold your camera with the opening facing down so the dust doesn't fall back into the camera.
The most likely place for it to be is on the mirror side of the ground glass viewfinder screen. Remove the lens and use an air bulb (squeeze bulb, baby snot sucker-mucus milker) to blow away the speck.

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