Blue Fringe around Leaves Against Blue Sky


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May 25, 2012
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In the upper left-hand corner, I'm having trouble with a blue fringe around the trees. I have tried using CA tool in camera raw to correct it, but I have had little success. It is present in the original exposure, which is a 3 image blend, but is relatively minor. Necessary increases in contrast and vibrance have led to an exacerbation of the problem. Does anyone have any advice on how to address this problem? Examples are attached.


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Are you trying to correct this on a jpeg or raw file?
Ok sorry, I was goinfg to suggest editing in raw.

Depending on the lens, stopping down, or indeed not stopping down so much may help. This doesn't help you now for this image but may do going fwd. Very nice photo btw
It's my experience that more often than not, such a or magenta... is often due to some shortcoming with the lens itself (chromatic aberration). I can't speak to other image editing programs like Lightroom, Gimp or Coral, but I know that Photoshop does have a pretty handy filter, "Lens Correction" that usually does a very decent job with such issues. I've used the filter rather extensively with my Tamron 18-200mm "super-pooper-scooper" (LOL), both as far as chromatic aberration and barrel distortions.....might be worth a try.
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If the image matters enough to you it is possible to block the vibrance/contrast adjustments right along the boundary where you are seeing this. This is a nuisance, requiring painting black or dark grey on the layer mask of the corresponding adjustment layers with a small soft brush, following the "fringe" you want to remove. Another possibility is to add a saturation adjustment layer and partially desaturate along the fringe. There may be a more efficient way to do this and if so I'm sure someone will chime in.

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