BMW M3 shots and some puppies for good measure


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Feb 23, 2010
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First post on these forums. Just bought a D3100. Not new to cameras, but by no way an expert (let alone amateur) Decided to get some shots on the way to work today. Kinda hard to get the proper exposure with such hard shadows and a black car. Could flash have helped out more? I used the aperture focus mode and put it down the smallest it would go. Maybe go full manual next time and and get a bit slower shutter speed, and then post process the overlit background after?

$DSC_0068 small.jpg
$DSC_0073 small.jpg
$DSC_0076 small.jpg
This is a little over processed, but i like the effect
$DSC_0079 small.jpg

And heres my roomates puppies! Her face is a little out of focus, but i think it was worth it for the tounge being out


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Light would have indeed helped, but a single speedlight or pop-up flash would have had a real challenge dealing with such bright light. You way want to consider trying to shoot earlier or later in the day and take advantage of the sun being lower in the sky and providing some side illumination.
O yes thats about the only decent time to shoot. There arent ever any clouds out here in the mojave haha. Thanks!
Yeah I love the car but the exposure and lighting isnt doing it for me. I understand its hard to shoot a black car but I think the right edit could have made them a little better.

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