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Bought a Tamron AF 70-300 for free...


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Jan 12, 2009
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So... my daily ritual morning search on CL paid off today. I picked up a Tamron AF 70-300 for free for my canon EOS. Actually I bought a camera and two lenses, and 4 filters, for $50 and sold the camera and one lens about an hour later for $50 (and kept the filters) and kept the Tamron to play with.

Works perfect, clean glass, and no fungus. I was HATING my Tamron 200-400 (especially with my crop factor), so I figured this would be an improvement.

Well it is. The photos from this lens are a LOT sharper (than the 200-400) and it has a nice Macro focus. I was spying from 400ft away and getting close up shots that did not lose considerable sharpness even at 300 (x1.6 crop).

Here are a few examples zoomed all the way out at 300:

Bird from about 200 feet away:

Friend's face from about 20 feet away (with a little vignette):

Tennis players from about 150 feet away through a fence:

Tennis ball from about 20 feet away:

Conclusion: I am selling the 200-400 and keeping this lens. And I am continuing my daily ritual of CL searching...
Do you use Craizedlist.org to search, or do you just search locally, one town at a time? Nice find :)
Nice, now you just gotta see what you can do with one of the L lenses.

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