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Oct 3, 2007
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Southern Ontario, Canada
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Hey guys,

this was my first attempt at concert photography, my friends band invited me to come to one of their concerts earlier tonight as a photographer.

I'd really appreciate some harsh C&C, because I really enjoyed myself and would love to get better at this sort of photography.

One idea I had for next time was to bring my off-camera flash, and do long exposures with a little bit of flash at the end, so I can get a little bit of the long exposure effect like in #2, but with a clear focus. Would that work?

This is my flickr album, in case anyone wants to comment on others
Here are some shots, I hope these aren't too big



3. Their drummer is really amazing, especially considering his age. I believe he's only 12 years old.




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I'm not qualified to give any sort of harsh C&C, but as 'Joe Public' I can say I like them, and I think the results are very good given the lighting conditions you had to work with. I really like the first one, with the stage lights essentially encircling the musician's head and the way you filled the frame with the singer and microphone. And I really like shot 5, even though it's a little soft, as the guitar and the microphone stands and light rays give it all a nice context.
I'm surprised there aren't any comments. These are among the best I've seen, IMHO, of course. I especially like the lighting and comp, and the only complaints I have is the guys' faces are too smooth for guys, and #5 is out of focus.
Thanks for the critique

I especially like the lighting and comp, and the only complaints I have is the guys' faces are too smooth for guys

I think the noise reduction might have caused that :meh:

I didn't really edit these at all. Just did some colour balancing and a little bit of levels adjusting, then converted to JPEG, ran through Noise Ninja, and converted back to a JPEG, since Noise Ninja converts to a .tif automatically.
They look fine for the conditions.

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