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Jan 8, 2006
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St helens, England
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This is my son Josh on the chinese bridge at Portmerion, North Wales. He wasn't paying any attention to me, he was watching the fish in the water beneath him. I like the way the red cap echo's the red bridge. Enjoy.

Taken on E500 - not sure what lens, probably the long zoom. Cropped slightly on Elements 4.0
... and randomly downsized by Photobucket, hm?
Oh, this is so annoying.
I so wish we had a chance to see more. He is a bit far away, and with the weeds in the foreground and the many lines of the bridge, it is a bit cluttered. Therefore a) Photobucket made it so small and b) I wish I could see a larger picture...
Can't help with the resize, Photobucket just seems to like it that size.
Stupid photobucket. *kick*

I agree... It looks like it would be a nice picture, but I'd like to see more detail
I use Photobucket for postings on some other forums. They only resize: "Images larger than 1 MB are automatically resized."

To better control what my images will finally look like when posted online, I just do my own resizing and resharpening BEFORE uploading to Photobucket. An 800x600 photo is not going to exceed 1MB.:wink:

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