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    New Reportage - Bahia Independence Day
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    In 1808, the Portuguese court, fleeing from Napoleon troops which had
    invaded Portugal, established themselves in the city of Rio de Janeiro.
    After Joao VI returned to Portugal in 1821, his heir-apparent Pedro became
    regent of the Kingdom of Brazil. Following a series of political incidents
    and disputes, Brazil achieved its independence from Portugal on September 7,
    1822. On October 12, 1822, Dom Pedro became the first Emperor of Brazil,
    being crowned on December 1, 1822.
    Bahia was the last area of Brazil to join the independent confederation;
    Some members in the elite remained loyal to the Portuguese crown after the
    rest of the country was granted independence. After several battles, mostly
    in Piraj√°, the province was finally able to expel the Portuguese on July 2,
    1823, known as Bahia Independence Day, a great popular celebration. In the
    state there is an ongoing discussion about the exact moment of Brazilian
    independence, because for almost all "baianos," it really happened in Bahia
    with the battles, and not on September 7, when the Emperor, Pedro I,
    declared independence.
    (Source: Wikipedia)


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