Breaking Eggs - What do you think?


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Aug 22, 2013
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New Orleans
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hey all!! my first post on the forum. was doing this shoot with my girlfriend, trying to get the moment when the egg exploded, went through about 18 eggs and i feel this was the best shot. was very messy but very fun. anyway would love to hear some feedback about the shot and the edit.

interesting capture, but I think the contrast is too aggressive IMHO.

edit: also the green fingernail bothers me, but that's trivial really.
I have always wanted to try this. Nicely done. The only thing that bothers me about this is the shadow.
This is quite wonderful. Very strong, vibrant, and graphical.

I would consider doing a color swap on the fingernail, to something that contrasts with the bright yellow better. A little pop in the middle there. Experiment with purples, reds, blues, and run the saturation through the roof on the nail. Make it the visual center, a point of POPPED COLOR to anchor the picture. Or, render it neutral and let the egg yolks take over.
That's a heck of and omlette that you ruined with 18 shots.

But that being said, I like this shot except the fingernail as mentioned.
ok i changed the color of the nail to a more gentle purple... what do you think now?

Very cool shot, but I prefer the original fingernail, lol. It's an unexpected color, but paradoxically, quite popular right now, so it sort of anchors the shot in time with this little hint of a fashion trend.
This is a very neat photo, not something you would normally expect, very creative!
I love it! :)
I like it! The only thing that I would change if possible was not having those shadows on the back.

On the other hand I think they are a necessary evil from the light you needed for that picture.

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