Bridge at Dusk

Chris Stegner

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Dec 27, 2007
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Ft. Thomas, KY
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This is the "Big Mac" Bridge crossing the Ohio River between Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. I shot this late in the day and upped the saturation to bring out the bridge.

To much saturation? Right amount?

Comments welcome and appreciated.

The yellow looks a bit unnatural, especially when you see it in the windows of the buildings. But I like it a lot. The image is nice and sharp. And the light trails from the cars on the bridge is cool.

Nice job!

I agree with NJMAN, that saturation is a bit too much. The shot is definitely cool though and I like it. It's not WAY too much though, with the yellow, so I'd say tone it down just a little bit and you'll be all set. Or if you have Photoshop, just selectively saturate the bridge. That is possible with PS, right? I have PS, but I've only had it for like, three days, so I have no idea what I'm doing yet.

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