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Nov 28, 2011
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We went out for a drive around the back roads today and came across this gem. It was near a few huge mushroom sculptures (couldn't find a good composition on them) and there was a trailer tucked into the woods, I thought it was brilliantly random.

I also tried this in portrait orientation but I preferred this one, the portrait version is on Flickr if you would like to compare. There is a "weight" to this one that I like.

Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks for taking a look.

Great head shot!!
Doh! Head shot would have been an awesome thread title!
Thanks C :)
Is it my imagination or there is something aHead of these trees ? :lol:

Jokes aside this is an interesting shot.
You have improved a lot. One of your better BW shots. Very nice monochrome treatment.
Thanks Goodguy and Ilovemycam.
Somehow when I see this picture I can hear the head say "Hey dumb, dumb do you gum, gum"
Somehow when I see this picture I can hear the head say "Hey dumb, dumb do you gum, gum"
Ha! I'd never seen or heard that before, youtubed it and surely it will now be stuck in my head lol
Thank you Jad, it was begging to be black and white. There are small tufts of very lush green grass at the bottom of the frame but not enough to make it a relevant/strong part of the image. The whole thing reminded me of Easter Island and I went with a "chunkier" feel to the processing to really bring out the textures and give it a less modern look. Not sure how close I was to achieving that but I was happy with how it turned out.
I think you need to do a bit of skin smoothing and maybe a little fill to help with that shadow in the eyes. :)

Interesting find and great shot!
Ah maybe a reflector and some putty next time ;)
Thanks Timothy.
Yup, good stuff as usual!

i like the landscape comp also, it's weighted nicely IMO
Thanks Geaux.
Thanks John, those are way cool too. I always wonder about things like this being found long long long after that trailer and it's resident are gone and how much of a puzzling treasure it may be.

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