Brilly shots? Or whatever it is called


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Nov 13, 2007
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What do i do to the layers in photoshop to merge multiple's into one large frame? Erase brush is not good. I did something with image>apply image, but i don't know what i did! lol. any suggestions?

btw i'm on CS2
I just extracted one me into the other pic. If the exposure and lighting doesn't can just cut the one layer in half basically and slop it on top of the other...and you won't be able to tell the difference.
the thing is, i kind of can. i halved it, and you can see barely a tint of something different you know. let me try extract....

wtf. not working. i think i'm mentally disabled.
try the selection tool. I know CS3 has it...I dono bout before that..
It looks like the magic wand..but isn't. it's in the same group of tools if you click on the magic wand.
on the control bar it let's you select the +, - and somethign else...pretty self explanatory.

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