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Apr 19, 2010
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Intentionally broke a couple of "rules" on these. Wanted to find out if people think they worked or not...

1) Overexposed the background on this one

2) Broke the rule of thirds and put the land/sky separation smack in the middle

Thanks for any feedback!
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I like the first broken rule. That one compliments the tree...

The second one the fence is too close to the blue but otherwise the un-level horizon works well...
**** them rules. These photos look good.
#1 - There's some color fringing, especially around the small twigs sticking out. This occurs because of the big contrast difference between the background and the subject. Composition is nice. Overexposed background works here as it gives a solid background that the subject can stand against.

#2 - The funny part here is, you're still following the RoT here. The fence line is almost smack dab on the bottom horizonal "third" line, and the two posts are almost exactly on the bottom two intersections of the third lines. You've followed the RoT almost to a T on this shot. This isn't a shot that would look good centered, but because of how off centered things are, it has a pleasing look to it.
Thanks AgentDrex, edouble and Gaerek!

Gaerek, or anyone else, any suggestions on avoiding purple fringing on high-contrast edges (besides not taking pictures with high contrast, of course :))? I've tried to PP it out in the past with mixed results (I hadn't even tried on this particular pic) but would prefer to avoid it in the first place if possible.

Good point about the fence being at thirds. Guess it becomes second nature after a while even when I try not to... :meh:
Gaerek, or anyone else, any suggestions on avoiding purple fringing on high-contrast edges (besides not taking pictures with high contrast, of course :))? ... :meh:
CA (chromatic abberations) is a characteristic of your lens. By design, some lenses handle it much better than others.

But the title of your thread reminds me of KWS.

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There's a couple things you might be able to try to avoid the dreaded purple fringe. Probably the easiest is shoot stopped down as much as possible in high contrast scenes that might be susceptible to the fringe. That might mitigate it or remove it altogether.

If you use Photoshop, you can try to desaturate the blue color channel. You have to be careful with this as it might desaturate other things you don't want. Using a mask on an adjustment layer might do the trick. I've never actually done this, but I've heard of the technique and it might help. I'm still a bit of a photoshop novice, so there are probably others that can give you a better idea of what to do.

As for the RoT. It's not just the horizon you don't want centered. It's any strong horizontal line. In your photo there, the most prominent horizontal line is the fence. The actual horizon almost fades between ground and sky and it doesn't stand out that much.

I hope this helps.
For CA, if you have Photoshop CS or Lightroom, and shot in Raw you can use the 'Lens Correction' tool in ACR to address the CA.
Thanks Gaerek and KmH for the suggestions.

I wasn't aware stopping down helped with CA. Good to know!
Only a noob...but I really like them, in particular the first picture. However, I find the thick black border to be distracting.
I really like the subject in number one, I can't help but think if it was properly exposed and in black and white it would make the subject stand out a lot more.

The second one is nice as well! I think you've followed the rules well on that one :p if you'd raised the horizon higher or lower it would've then broken the rules and been fairly boring

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