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Jan 28, 2008
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Southwest PA
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Practicing more and more in portrait work, and what better than a brother who needs some senior photo's done. Off camera strobes with shoot through umbrellas, and other light modifiers used also (aka reflectors and diffusers). I feel like every time I do portrait work, I'm doing it wrong and freeze up and just give up. So be harsh with the CC :)


2 And 4 are my favs but wish 2 was portrait orientation
1 is cute and different. Not sure what it says about him, but I get "easy going, just hanging out letting life pass me by" kinda thing. Could be good, could be bad. 4 is interesting, but doesn't strike me as a senior photo... very few of them do, really. 1 maybe.

I'm also bothered by the beard. I know it's probably "him", but I don't think it really suits him, and at LEAST it might have been good to clean it up on his neck.
Cool thanks! I think this is what I'm trying to say, is that I don't know what distinguishes a senior photo and a regular portrait. Suggestions? Tips?
I must admit I'm totally not sure either. I just have it in my head as "would I want this in my yearbook as representation of me?" (were I the senior) And then I think of all the other ones I've seen.

It's pretty much total hogwash though... I mean when I was a senior (and frighteningly that was now 24 years ago) we had all the stiff portraits you usually see with zero chance of freedom expression and stuff. So... ignore me.


HEY NOW!!!! :)

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