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Aug 1, 2007
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Houston, TX
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What do you think is the best Telephoto for under $200. I have been looking and have seen the Tamron 55- 200, Tamron 70- 300, Canon 75- 300, and a few others. I was wondering which has the best imgage quality because it seems they all are about the same price. Speed, though i know it is important, I will be doing most shooting with this lens outdoors, so I have little need for something like a 2.8 (definitely don't have the funds for a beast lens). Thanks in anticipation of the help.
I have the Tamron 70-300 LD DI (don't get the other version, it is awful).

I have taken many pictures with it, it is sharp, light and inexpensive. It is quite "plastic" and I wouldn't want to bang it around, it is slow, and it isn't the fastest focusing lens out there either. The 1:2 macro actually works pretty well, although obviously it is not a true macro.

I don't know about the others, but I have taken over 10K pictures with the Tamron 70-300 and it looks and acts absolutely brand new.

Later I will put up a few sample pictures if you want to see them (I have posted samples before, but they have been seen here several times, it is time to put up something fresh).
I usually take sabbath's advice pretty seriously when he gives it. He knows what's goin on in terms of lenses. He doesn't shoot test charts and brick walls...he's out there making images that matter, and if he says the lens is good enough...I take it that it means it's a quality lens.

It might not be an L, but I'm sure it takes nice pics.

Sorry for not bringing anything to the table...but thought maybe it'd help you decide. Hopefully he'll post samples soon. His pictures will speak for what he's said.

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