Bug Light

I don't understand the title...

Are you trying to say this is mediocre and bland?


The PP is a little beyond what I would personally do, but it's not bad.
should have been more subtle with the PP, but overall good
little too saturated for my taste.

er111a, is that youuuuuuuuuuu? :p
I think its beautiful, have to agree that the saturation probably could go down a 'little' but I still think its gorgeous. The only other thing I see is for some reason the clouds and rocks are messing with my eyes. I dont know if they were sharpened or not, could be just me. Ive been looking at photos all day from a senior portrait shoot. (this is my break LOL)
I like the sky and the leading line of the walkway up to the small lighthouse. So.. a little bit of luck and some good composition of interesting subject matter definitely makes for a pretty picture.

I don't like the sharpening, but it could be due mostly to resizing.

Overall :thumbup:
Not to be defensive, but Flickr does add a sharpening pass upon upload. You all made me definately want to revisit the original in Lightroom. :thumbup:

Do you like the processing on this one better?
Seems a bit oversaturated. I bet that light would zap a seagull.
Bitter, I think something in between the two would be nice. The first is an awsome shot but almost looks HDR from the PS. Love it tho. Nice work as always!
Not sure if it's the saturation or contrast that makes my eyes hurt. I do have a pretty crappy monitor here at work though.

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