My attempt of THE newborn pose!!


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Aug 10, 2009
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I've ALMOST got it!!

first of all, the pic is overexposed. and the pose makes the baby look very awkward.
I actually like the overexposed'ness in infant shots ... it's not THAT bad, I've seen worse :)

The pose is a tad bit awkward though.
You must not do much baby photography?? My taste is always pretty bright and slightly each their own :) Thanks for your opinion though!
It's a good pose, if you get it just right it looks like they're grinning. I agree it's a bit bright, not overexposed and if that's what works, that's just fine. I do think the skin tones are a little bit on the cool side, except for on the face really.
i know overexposing a tad is the "thing" to do for baby pics, but this is just blinding.
I like it.. Keep it up!
I've been taking some pictures of babies, and know it can be a challenge to try to pose them in such ways. Everyone has their own style, and if this is what you like... then I say go for it. We all have to carve our own niche and style out... keep at it.
Personally, I love this. It made me smile from ear to ear when I opened this up and saw that pose and expression. Too cute! The brightness doesn't bother me in the least, nor do I personally feel it detracts from the shot. This one will be treasured by the parents forever!
Love it!! You've almost got that pose down! Love the pursed lips and I don't think it's overexposed at all, it's got that lovely creamy soft lighting that works so great for newborns! Good job!!
I think it looks great. I like the pose, Its not your typical grinning baby,. I like the different faces they make. I have been dying to do newborn pics but no ones been popping out kids around here lately that I know of.. lol. Im a sucker for subtle vignettes I think it would great with this particular shot.
I like it, cute, different and bright as you say your style is, and as Pea-Pod suggested, a subtle vignette would work well.
One thing I don't get... How do you get the babies to pose like that? :lmao:

I agree with the tad overexposed comments, I don't think it detracts too much though :)
If the baby isn't capable of raising it's own head from the prone position (a developmental phase), I would be very careful about posing like this. But that's just me.
Figured everyone one else made a comment so I would,;)
My personal preference is that its alittle overexposed for my taste but its a cute pose, in focus and the mother should be really pleased. :thumbup:
And I want to know how thats done too. Wires, pins, or nails?:lol:

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