Bull Elk Close-Up


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May 25, 2010
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Helena, Montana, USA
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This is the same bull elk I posted a couple days ago... except he was really worked up at this point... I shot this with my 300mm w/ 1.4 extender at 25-30 feet.... I think. You don't care much about exact distances when you have this closing in on you... the image has not been cropped at all.

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Thanks for looking.
A most excellent shot. I had one do this (bugle) in my face, once. It was rather intimidating. I was also in the middle of a trio (triangled) of them posturing during the rut. Also intimidating. Both instances, I was there first and just happened to find myself in a bad spot moments later. AMAZING shot!
actually he's not mad at all.. he's doing his mating call, ha ha i'd pull back a bit and try to show more of the antlers in the future, maybe a bit of the background.. but you did a great job.. .just remember, these guys can run faster than you, and in the mating season you are a threat... just make sure you can run faster than your assistant and you'll be fine! ha ha ha ha ha
wow amazing their huge and beautifull animals

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