Burnt out LCD, but could charger still work?


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Oct 26, 2006
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South Carolina USA
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I have a Powerex 8 cell charger.

I failed to notice fraying on the adapter right as the wires are coming from the wall plug.

Well, I believe I shorter out the charger. If not that, then something.

I bought a new wall plug, put it on the right voltage and spliced the wires together. When I plug in the male part of the power supply into the actual charger back, I get nothing. When I feel the wall plug, it's "vibrating" (for use of a better word) so it's doing something but nothing is showing on the charger that it's working.

Once opened up, there is no "reset" button, no fuse (probably not big enough to have one anyways) so I'm not sure of anything else to do. I was thinking though that I might have "burnt" out the LCD and it will still charge? Possibility? Could there be a way to check. I want to do all posibilities becuase this was a $90 charger and I would rather not just buy another one.

Is there anything else I can do? Currently, I am having my SB-800 on full power and just cycling flashed until they are dead and then put the batteries on the charger.

.... Just check it. Take some dead batteries put them in and come back later to see if they are charged. Chances are though if the LCD is dead that the charger is dead too. All you can do is try.
It's completely dead. I'm going to batteries plus tomoorw and see what they have unless someone can recommend a good battery charge that will individually charge the cells.


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