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Burrowing Owl


Been spending a lot of time on here!
Jan 6, 2022
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Wonderful shot, that big fluffy ball on one stick leg as well as that facial expression and light - great capture.
Thanks everybody! It was another bucket shot from my park. Yay! I knew about these owls down there, but they had their burrows on the "no dogs" side of the park. That's an issue since my camera assistant is a dog. I was walking back to the car and happened to see this little guy right on the border of "no dogs land".

This is the last pic, the ones before were him staring right at me. It's like he finally said "whatever, dude".
As always, another nice bird shot, with the eyes the same color of the background. Beautiful eyes.
Love the expression. Well caught.
Nice one.
Owls are among the best at showing their disdain for photographers.

I really like this one.

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