Bus Stop...My attempt to make something from nothing. C&C please.


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Sep 13, 2010
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San Antonio
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Interesting composition, especially this time of year as kids are going back to school.


My eye is drawn all the way down the line of buses
Wet pavement gives a sense of freshness, cleanliness
Reflection of sky in front-right bus windshield


Looks a bit over saturated on my monitor, especially the orange of the buses
Open door on 3rd bus down on the right (not really your fault)
Would love to see blue sky in background instead of building (also not your fault)
I like it. The building in the background works better than sky for me, as it echoes the windows and other lines on the buses, although I'd darken it. Yes, it's oversaturated to me too, but that's up to the individual, so consider it and go with what works for you.
Your yellows are quite over-saturated, but I do like the picture. I think you did a great job of using repetition as a design element. Nicely done!!
Very nice shot. I agree its over saturated and alsoike thelines of the building as the background. Really adds to the shape. I wonder what Bitter would think of this one.
Is this any better? Nevermind the border, I was just playing around.

I like the first edit better. Good composition.
Personally also like the first one better - it is a bit oversaturated, but it kind of adds some flavor to it.

Like the overall composition a lot, but would have to agree that sky or even trees at the end would have been killer :D

Great stuff!!

Just one little side note from me - tried getting down a little lower and shooting upwards? Might be interesting too...
I like the first one.. the buses are a little orange for my taste..but overall I really like it.

the wet ground seems to be my favorite part of the overall picture.
def. oversaturated imo...

can try dif prespectives too... lower.... higher... to the side... etc...
I would have loved to have seen the sky instead of the building in the background. oh well. Good job.
Much thanks to all of you for the comments. I got a lot of good feedback here. I will try and do a version with blue sky in the background via PS in the near future.

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