Busting out the Ray-bans


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Apr 16, 2013
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Illinois, United States
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I took this self-portrait with ease, nothing too serious at all. I usually never take pictures with my glasses on; and I needed to update my social media default picture :wink: I went for a B&W feel. To get that real honest profile picture feel I challenged myself not to use my photo/recording light setup, and to use only the light within the room. In addition having no window light since it was night. Good enough for profile picture?

B&W2 by Afternoon Tea Time, on Flickr
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It must be cold in Illinois this time of year!

Good enough for a profile pic I would say.
Thanks Dinardy! Indeed! I must say this has to be the coolest summer in awhile! Comfort weather really. I'm already feeling the fall season, its coming faster then usual!
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