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Aug 25, 2010
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This field was beautiful to walk in. it was solid yellow and there were dragonflys all over. Since my husband is the one who got me into photography, he has to be my guinea pig. hahahaaaa!! This is him.

awesome field and handsome hubby! But the shadow and yellow reflecting on his face take away from the shot.
Good composition, and I realize it's a picture (mostly) of a field of buttercups, but the image as a whole is too yellow for my taste. Maybe if the yellow was toned down on your subject it would feel better.
I honestly would like the picture better without the guy in it. I don't think he adds anything, nor do I think it's a good portrait of him... (why is in the field?)

EDIT: O I read now that your hubby was the guinea pig, and well, that makes sense so ignore the previous comment... however his body is cutoff on the right and that is distracting. Try placing your model a third of the way between the left and right sides of the photograph, but enough where you can see both sides of him, and the beautiful flowers on either side.

Also this this much yellow, toning it down to a bit on the blue side might be good and help the yellow pop more.

The beautiful field would be a great place to emphasize the beauty of a pretty model, but I don't know if it works the same on a man who is more handsome than beautiful.

... see what happened there? I called a man handsome.
I'm jealous of the location, I've been trying to find one of those for weeks now cause I want to shoot a girl there at the end of September...anyway...its not really a guy location, but I agree that the shadow is very distracting, if you could tone that down, and get his whole body in the shot, I think it would be good:)

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