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Mar 25, 2009
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Lake Orion, MI
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I have been so busy at work that I am having a hard time to schedule any time off to get out and shoot this year so finally on March 5th and 6th Janice and I did take a couple of days off and went to the Foremost Butterflies are Blooming Exhibit in Grand Rapids, MI. We had a good time and got some good shots of the butterflies but it was very crowded and they would not allow monopods or tripods making getting really sharp shots even harder. Here are a couple that I have had time to post process.

Both Taken with Nikon D200 and Sigma 150mm Macro @f/2.8 and Nikon R1 macro flashes


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Those photos are mint. I like them both

Absolutely stunning. Wow. :hail:

Thanks sampreap and Antarctican your more than kind comments are very much appreciated. My wife and I are off tomorrow for opening day of a butterfly house located in Whitehouse, Ohio .

The Butterfly House of Whitehouse, Ohio - Home

This is a small privately owned facility that is only about 5000 sq feet but the owners are super nice and encourage photographers. They do allow the use of monopods and I hope to get a few really good shots there tomorrow. So look out more butterfly shot to come.
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Those are really beautiful shots. Wow! Enjoy tomorrow. I look forward to seeing what you come back with. :)

Nice job on both the images posted and the newer stuff in the link. I enjoyed seeing them. You really are making that Sigma 150 dance for you.


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