Buying a Canon EOS T2i, Is this bundle a good deal?

Cop J

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Dec 13, 2009
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New Jersey
Looking to buy a Canon EOS T2i. I had a Canon XS, but lost it :thumbdown: a couple months ago and am looking to spend no more than $500 and get the best camera for the value.

I found a Canon EOS T2i on craigslist locally listed as $550 OBO.

Pretty much, I just want to know if this is a good deal with all that comes with it:

$550 OBO

Comes with:
Canon T2i
Canon KIT LENS 18mm-55mm
Canon 50mm 1.8 Lens
UV filters for both lenses
Carrying Case
32GB SD Card Class 10
8GB SD Card
Original Box

The seller says it is in perfect condition...what do you think?
Perfect condition? If that's true, it sounds too good to be true. If you can get it in person, definitely check it out ~

I did not even check current prices, but it's a very good camera and having that nifty fifty will give you the abilty to get great shots straight away.
The current price for the kit itself I believe is about $650. You should definitely check it out in person before you spend the $$$· If it's all in top shape then it might be well worth it.
I got the T2i w/same kit lens fromBest Buy on sale a few weeks ago for right around $600 and the 50mm is only like $100 so for being used it's not that crazy of a deal, good but I wouldn't say too good to be true or anything.

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