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May 14, 2007
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I just got back from a trip to Japan and took some great photos with my Canon Powershot S3 IS. For those unfamiliar with the camera, it's a prosumer model that has most of the manual settings the SLR cameras have but at a more affordable price. I took some great photos, but with the right lenses and filters, I think I could have taken some amazing shots.

So I'm currently looking around for a new lens and a filter or two. I really love landscape shots, so I think I'm going to get a wide angle lens. I like sky shots, so I heard a polarizer would be good to get. I also need to get a special converter for my camera so I can use the lens.

The lens is $68.95 and is the Raynox DCR 730.

This is the 58mm polarizer I found:

The converter I need:

Are these all good equipment choices? I don't want to spend too much because the camera was only $300, but I would like to have decent quality, too.

Addi tonally, what are some good places for buying this type of equipment?
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i really don't know much about that camera, but if you are really getting serious about photography maybe it's time to step up your camera to a dslr.
I use a Canon S3 too. I didn't buy the plastic Canon converter because for like $2 more you can get a 58mm converter in aluminum below:

^That site also has the best comparisons for different filters/lenses for the Canon S3 that I've found.

All I have for mine at the moment is a Hoya polarizer and the Raynox DCR-250 macro filter, and I'm very happy with both. I'd say the polarizer is definately a huge asset for outdoor shots.

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