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Jan 12, 2008
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Rochester, NY
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I'm so glad I found this forum. Hopefully, you all can help me on my ambitious endevour to become a great photographer. ;)

Here's a little background on me:
I take a lot of pictures. Pictures of anything and everything. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, I get a really good shot.
But basically, I'm here to learn what all the photography lingo is, how and when to use different settings, stuff like that. I want to be able to get a great picture and not have to totally guess about how to get it.
I have a photography teacher helping me as well. She lent me a 35mm camera to use. When I've finished using up the film she gave me, she's offered to show me how to develop it.
I have a digital camera now. It's a good camera (Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8) and I like it, but sometimes I feel sort of limited, like it doesn't really help me get the great pictures I know I could get.

So that was really long, and I thank you if you read all the way through it.
I have a blog where I post what I think are my best photos. You can check it out: http://www.the-picture-effect.blogspot.com
Go ahead and say what you think. I can take it. (And be honest) I really would value some honest critiquing from other photographers since all I usually hear is that I have a great eye for photography. (that's what families are supposed to say, I guess)

Thanks again for reading this.
I'm sure you'll hear from me again soon!
Welcome to the forum Grace, there are a lot of talented folks here. I'm sure you will learn a lot, I have.
Welcome! Nice intro btw :)

This is a great place to learn and I hope you continue to pursue photography.

A comment about your photos with snow covered ground:
The snow looks a bit gray........not your fault. It's just the camera's meter doing that. A gray card may help the exposure.

here's a tutorial about 18% gray cards. you can google "using an 18% gray card" to find more tutorials.

also read thru this post it gives some good tips about using a gray card and what you can do if you don't have a gray card......metering the palm of your hand and adding 1 stop of light.

Good luck and keep taking photos :)
I am also new to the forum, new to photography too. I looked at your photos and I think you do have a "good eye"....which by the way is what my family says too :lol:. But I love photography and it sounds like you do too. I am working hard on the tech aspect to take my photos to a new level. I have been trying to work on creativity...looking at things in many different ways. I think you have a good start. Work hard on the technical aspect.

By the way, we do a swedish bread every christmas (my husband and I are both part swedish)...its a cardamon yeast bread....but yours looks even more yummy! Icing...why didnt I think of that? :lol:
The best place to learn is a book Called "Understanding exposure"by Bryan Peterson. I have heard this book recommended so many times but until I read it I had no idea! The best book to learn ever!!!! read my thread. You will have most of any question about photography answered by this book
Hi Grace,

I am also new here. They are alot of knowledgeable people here willing to help.

Also, nice job on the pictures!

Thanks so much for the great welcome!

That One Guy - I noticed that my snow was not quite as white as I would have liked. I do have a gray card, I just haven't used it yet. Next time it snows, I'm definitely going to try it out!

Happy Hour
- This book sounds awesome. Like just the thing I need. Thanks for suggesting it!

I'm now off to contemplate what my next photography subject will be. =)

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