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Nov 11, 2003
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Here is a tool to find out all the negative feedbacks of any seller on eBay:


Just enter the seller's handle and press ENTER.
It's actually useful, because any seller's feedback only goes back to 12 months. This site is revealing all negative feedback.
It's about time. I hate sifting through 245 pages of feedback ratings (among other things with eBay). One negative feedback speaks louder than 100 positive ones.

eBay is utter crap for usability; the only reason they are still around is because they have the user base and there is no real competition.
Probably nearing 10 years for me...

I've been using toolhaus for years, and it's been invaluable with many of the larger volume sellers.

Also, auctionstealer is good, if you can forgive yourself for sniping auctions.
I can.
I've been on eBay since 2004. I tried selling for awhile but never did find my niche. I see others become powersellers overnight.

I've used that program you've posted and it is invaluable. I've changed computers and/or rebuilt my HD and haven't thought about it since. It's probably here somewhere.

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