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Jul 24, 2011
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Oh yes, teh light looks like it has become late in the day, the sun's shining from the sea, which is west where you are (too), so night is beginning to fall.
You should be back to see the people at work who mend the nets or take them out! Would it ever be possible for you to be there when they start to work (I guess that YOU then have to be at work, too, hm?)
Yes I intend to go there during their work time. Of course a I have to work even if my job permits me to organize my own time. :D
Thank you Forkie. Yes light was beautiful at time of the day.
Nice work. I like the high vantage point which really shows the emptiness of the beach, water and sky behind the little enclosed area. If you could bring a ladder you could get one from even higher just to see how that works.
I see your point. Thank you very much for the suggestion.

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