c&c ...4 pic. need to pick 2


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Nov 14, 2008
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miami fl
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i need to pick 2 pic to print and frame it for my girl... would like to hear your opinion

thanks in advance









maybe this one?


or i should go darker?
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1 is good, but you'd probably want to darken that whitish blur next to the dog's face.
4 is better than 3, but I'd recrop the image to give some space above the dog's head to allow our eyes to follow the gaze.
From my experience with prints (versus what you see on your screen, which usually is brighter) I doubt you'll be getting to see much dog in the print. The shirts it's wearing is so overpoweringly white that when the printing machine picks up all the middle values (as they usually do), the dogs face will get all lost in darkness. You might get a better exposure when you don't let it wear this shirt.
#1 and #4.

I'm not liking the tint on #2.
#5 is definitely underexposed

Even though #4 has some blown highlights (some selective dodging / burning might help) I really like the "lost little dog" look that the extra space gives.

And those eyes are just adorable!
I'm gonna be different.

I vote for 1 or 2 and the last one if you can adjust the exposure.

I would seriously take LaFota's advice into consideration, though. Unless you're developing your own prints, printers can be frustrating. Ever print something that looks gray but it prints light green? I have. What you see is not always what you get.
I like 1 and thelast one. However, one has some background showing up, I would try to burn out some of that.
well, i need to go back to PS... i wont be able to take new pics,so i need to work with what i have :x

Ill keep you updated

Thank you all!!!!
#1 and the last one if you lighten it up. fix the exposure on the last one and i'll take that one over #1. The dogs is looking at the camera so when she looks at the pic, it'll look like he's looking back at her. just my opinion, since its for a chick.

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